World Music and Dance Festiva 2008 Hakodate, JAPAN


July 29, 2009 8:41 AM


[Summary] In August this year, the first World Music and Dance Festival (WMDF) in Hakodate city, Hokkaido, Japan featured over 100 overseas performers and attracted a total audience of over 10,000. Based on the success of this event, a second and larger WMDF will be held in 2009, from August 06 to August 15.

The Festival will be centered on an outdoor concert stage with a spectacular view in front of Hakodate Mountain, and also incorporate numerous smaller scale performances and workshops at "Fringe" events around the town. See 2008 Photo Gallery.

2009 will mark Hakodate's 150th anniversary.  WMDF will honour this by looking not just at the past, but also by encouraging a long view of the future: "150 years past, 150 years forward". Music and dance are excellent models for this kind of "Long Now" view of the world, since they link us to past histories and ideas whilst at the same time providing a model for how ideas and culture can become the heritage of future generations.

We would like to invite you to participate in this Festival. Especially, we are looking to recruit performers that can help us appreciate connections with the past, glimpse the possibilities of the future, and understand our own significance to the present.

The people of Hakodate are looking forward to welcoming you to our town, to making your stay a memorable one, and to your performances.

   Ian Frank, Chairman of WMDF.
   Naoto Soga, Director of WMDF.

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Event Name:  2009 World Music and Dance Festival, Hakodate "Kokusai Minzoku Geijutsu Sai"
Web site:
Place and Country: Hakodate, Japan
Date: Aug 06 (arrival) - Aug 15 (departure), 2009
Audience: About 30,000
Organization: Committee of the World Music and Dance Festival
Chairman: Ian Frank
Director: Naoto Soga
Production: Hitococohi, Inc.

1. Preliminary Schedule for groups, August 2009:
   06 am/pm: Participants arrival
   07 pm: Workshop, evening Reception
   08 pm: Workshop, evening: Festival performance (outdoor theater)
   09 pm: Fringe performance and/or Performance at a school
        evening: Festival performance (outdoor theater)
   10 pm: Sightseeing, evening: Party
   11 pm: Workshop, evening: Festival performance (outdoor theater)
   12 pm: Workshop, evening: Festival performance (outdoor theater)
   13 pm: Festival performance (Indoor theater)
   14 pm: Sightseeing, evening: Party
   15 am/pm: Participants departure

2. Durations of the performances are as follows:
* Festival Performances: 10, 20, or 30 min.
* Fringe Performances: 10-20 min.
* Workshop (for elementary school kids and public): 60 min.
Note: Festival performances bring together many overseas groups to perform at an outdoor stage (weather permitting) in front of a large audience. Our experience from 2008 was that some local people will attend several (or even all) the Festival performances. We hope that visiting groups can accomodate this by preparing Festival sets with some variation.
Fringe performances spread the news of the Festival to different locations around our area, and will typically feature just two overseas groups, plus two local groups.

3. Requirements for participating groups:
* Play live music (not tapes, CDs, etc.)
* Perform with up to 15 people (or 25 people for groups including dancers)
* Wherever possible, be in attendance for the entire Festival period
Note: During your performance and/or stay, it is likely that you may be accompanied by television or print media reporters. Reasonable cooperation with these reporting activities, and the agreement to allow footage, images, and interviews to be used in TV broadcasts, and for publicity and advertisement of the WMDF, are assumed to be a condition of participation at the Festival.

4. Outline of stage:
* The stage has a frontage of 10.8m and a depth of 9.0m.
* We have 8 Shure 58 microphones (or equivalent) with boom stands, and monitor speakers for performers.
* Basic lighting (RGB) equipment.
* There are no special effects on stage.

5. We offer all participating groups:
* Free meals and accommodations
* Transport in Hakodate (from/to Hakodate airport, and between the stages and accomodations)
* General event insurance and first aid
* Provisions to support the selling of goods, CDs, etc at all events

6. Obligations of each group:
* Cover transport to/from Hakodate (our first recommendation), or Aomori/Sapporo Chitose (second recommendation).
* Ensure current medical insurance
* Pay own visa application fees
Note: We recommend that participants use Korean Airlines for the most convenient flight to Hakodate or Aomori (for instance, we can negotiate with Korean airlines to accomodate greater luggage allowances).

7. Interested groups should send us the information listed below:
* A DVD or DVD-R with performances (sorry, not DVD-RW)
* A CD or CD-R for promotion
* Some original photos (reproduction quality)
* A description of the group, the group's name, street address, representative/director's name, telephone number, and e-mail.
* A list of festivals previously participated in
Note: Should your group's application be accepted by the Committee, the supplied information and materials will be used by WMDF for posters, fliers, TV broadcast, and other promotion.
Please send these promotional materials until Friday December 12 (please confirm by e-mail to when you send us a package by post). Or, if you would like to participate but need more time to collect these materials, please discuss with us by email. 

Contact: Committee of the WMDF
 c/o Hitococochi, Inc.
 52-1 Jinkawa-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido 041-0833 JAPAN
 Phone: +81-138-51-5727 (apologies, but Japanese only)
 Fax: +81-138-51-6465

Note: We are sorry but since our office cannot guarantee telephone interaction in a language other than Japanese, we request you put your correspondence in fax or email.

World Music and Dance Festiva 2008 Hakodate, JAPAN

(c) 2008 Committee of the World Music and Dance Festival