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"Bunun" Cultural and Educational Foundation〈Taiwan〉

"Ba Si But But" is a native song of the Bunun minority in Taiwan. This song is an "eight chorus" prayer from a grain harvest festival. This type of polyphonal singing is rare in the world.  In fact, when this song was introduced to an educational organisation of the United Nations in 1952 by the composer Takatomo Kurosawa, its complicated chords helped challenge the prevailing belief that humankinds' music developed from single chords to multiple chords.
The "eight chorus" song takes place after the "Festival of Bunun", when the Bunun people pray that the harvest will again take place without delay in the following year. Millet is the most important crop for the Bunun, and in the song there is a part for the grain. The singing of this harmony in the "eight chorus" song decides the fate of the crops in the next year. Harmony is paramount.  With all in tune with each other, this song naturally creates a compelling natural beauty.

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World Music and Dance Festiva 2008 Hakodate, JAPAN

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