World Music and Dance Festiva 2008 Hakodate, JAPAN



"Hinokiya" The Traveling Band〈Hakodate〉

"Hinokiya", formed in Hakodate 1998, specialise in Japanese music with a world influence.Their repertoire ranges from traditional folk songs to pieces expressing nature. The group's performances feature Shinobue flute, Taiko, guitar, and percussion. Hinokiya have participated at world festivals in Croatia (2002), Brazil (2004), France (2005), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2007), energising audiences with their rhythm and energy. Hinokiya's original compositions and arrangements blend research into traditional Japanese with a modern sensibility and global outlook. Worldwide, they have been well received for their universal and danceable music, connecting directly with the emotions of audiences.

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World Music and Dance Festiva 2008 Hakodate, JAPAN

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