World Music and Dance Festiva 2008 Hakodate, JAPAN



Folk Dance Ensemble "SOFIA-6"〈Bulgaria〉

Folk Dance Ensemble

The Folk Dance Ensemble "Sofia-6" was founded on March 1, 1976 by a group of students and the choreographer Nestor Nestorov. The ensemble has trained around 1500 dancers in the traditions, dances and songs of Bulgaria. It has also organized a large number of concerts throughout Bulgaria and abroad. 
The ensemble has visited dozens of countries, including Poland, Russia, France, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Greece.  Their repertoire includes dance compositions from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. The musical accompaniment is by an orchestra including the traditional Bulgarian musical instruments of kaval, gaida, gadulka and tupan.

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World Music and Dance Festiva 2008 Hakodate, JAPAN

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